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Some facts about skipper, Miha:

Name: Miha Vrancic
Born: 1981
Height: 175 cm
Education: Maritime education
Experience: Maritime and business experience

Miha is from Slovenia, a small country with 30 Nm of coast along the north Adriatic sea.
Sailing has always been part of my life. Due to the maritime education I have being sailing diferent tipes of vessles on diferent types of water bodyes.
Everytime I step on a boat I learn something new.

Now the main question, why minitransat?

The Minitransat is the ultimate chalenge of solo sailing.
It is so much risk taking along the venture, particulary because of the boat size and the catagory of sailing.
Every time when the weather is starting to form and the horizont is emepety, it sims like you are alone against the devil him self.
Ther is always a filling in the body and the taste in the mouth that is just unforgeteble.
It is adrenalin on its highest.

There are two different aproaches in life, a conservative and risk taking one.
A conservative aproach is ok, but can be unsatisfying on the long run, because it is not so much inovativ. The risk taking one is the one that has got us as a humane race, to the point where we are now.
Every one should be taking a risk at some point in their lifes.
We live only once.

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