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Solo sailing is a team play
Offshore racing is a fascinating investment for a company. Its returns are not only measurable in terms of turnover or customer base, but are also related to the value of your brand, and the cohesion of your employees.

Team unity – communication is the key
Every race can be followed via an online tracking system, so that the regatta can become a source of unity among the members of your team, who can all support the same competitor.

Moreover I will take videos and pictures of my preparatory races, my trainings, and I will post regular updates about the status of my project.

In this way through my social media channels you will be able to follow my path towards the ultimate goal of the Minitransat: you will share my joys and my hard times on the way to the start of the race and during the race itself. The figure of a solo sailor, who lives extreme situations and hard challenges, is easily empathized by those who follow him.

This offers not only an opportunity for cohesion among your employees, but my challenge and the emphasis it creates will be linked to your brand by all the people who will follow my adventure. Brand exposure
A sailing boat is an incredible support to brand: sails, hull, deck, they can all be painted to your colors, see the examples below:

Moreover, the Minitransat race benefits from a large media exposure:

According to official sources, the 2013 edition of the Minitransat has been portrayed in 240 TV reports, 120 radio shows, 1100 web articles and 580 press articles.

And here is a short infographic (in French) about the media exposure of the last edition (2015):

Brand Value

Linking your brand to the sport of sailing means your company will be related to values like promotion of green energy, respect of the nature, determination, innovation.

Communication and corporate use

As a sponsor, depending on the extent of your participation in the project, you will be able to use my boat as a support for your corporate activities: daily sailing with employees or special clients, B2B or B2C networking, team building…

I can also be your skipper on a larger vessel, in case you should need more place or a more comfortable support for your corporate activities.

Sponsoring offers:

Title sponsor:
One slot available

50.000,00€ / year for 3 seasons

Branding of the whole campagne.
For 3 years there is all about You.
Use of the boat for corporate activities.

Premium sponsors:

Three slots available

17.000,00€ / year for 3 seasons

Branding of the hull (partially) + deck + clothes
You can use my social platforms for your communication
I will cite you in my videos and generally in my social media (percentigewise up to proportional amount of founds)

I can also consider other sponsoring options individualy.