Mini Transat Race


Founded in 1977 by Englishman Bob Salmon, the Mini-Transat 6.50 also known as Transat 650 is a solo transatlantic yacht race, and associated Classe Mini class, that (typically) starts in France and ends in Le Marin bay, Martinique in the Caribbean (previously Salvador, Bahia, Brazil). The race covers over 4,000 miles with a stop in the Madeira or the Canari Islands. The yachts are very small considering the scope of the race, and are sanctioned by the Miniclasse 6.5 organization and material specifications, which make the mini Transat 650 boat an open design. The race runs on odd-numbered years, and was most recently completed in 2019. Sailors had to qualify by covering one of two specified 1,000 mile courses along with having 1,500 miles of ocean racing experience, much of it solo.


This 4050 nautical miles solo crossing, on the smallest offshore racing boats, only 6.50 m long, is sailed in two legs.
The first one, from La Rochelle to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is 1350 miles long and will last for 7 to 10 days. This leg will be, for rooky sailors, their first big offshore race. After an often complicated exit of the Bay of Biscay, sailors will expect some long slips down the Portuguese coast before arriving in theCanary archipelago.
The 2700 miles long second leg will start from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in early November. It will take from 15 to 20 sailing days to reach Le Marin in Martinique, French West Indies. Due to the important relief of the numerous islands, restart from the Canary can be tricky before reaching the famous trade winds. This easterly wind should lead the fleet to Le Marin on a long downwind run. 


This race is an opportunity for business, social, political and intercontinental integration in the fields of sports, culture and tourism.
Many companies recognize the huge potential in sponsorship contracts with competitors. The Mini Transat race is a race of man and technology with nature and its components.

Within the race itself, qualifying smaller races take place at various locations in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. Thus, the purpose of the Mini Transat Community of Slovenia is in the interest of creating a qualification race in the Adriatic.


 The Class Mini, owner of the title “Mini-transat”, entrusted the 2017 and 2019 editions to the “Collectif Rochelais for the Mini-transat”. CRMT is an association, bringing together actors close to the race and the” Mini 650 “(former president of the Class Mini, Former sailors and coaches, etc.)